Ross Video Launches XPression V10 Production Platform

Xpresson studioRoss Video has announced the launch of XPression V10, a live-production news, weather, sports and esports platform for production. V10 includes a fully rewritten, multi-threaded video codec that supports UHD, HDR and Wide Colour Gamut. This new software (i.e. not hardware dependent) codec adds support for ten-bit video files and is backward compatible with older XPression assets – no re-encoding is required.

XPression Remote Sequencer has also been enhanced to enable customers to create new rundowns, create new Take items, modify existing MOS objects, manage rundowns (import/export/save them) and build rundowns ‘offline’ without activating them. The company says this empowers the Remote Sequencer user to build and make changes as needed.

In addition to V10, Ross announced a new XPression Sequencer Gateway – a special edition of the XPression Gateway for non-MOS users – that removes the MOS NRCS and MOS/NLE Client connectivity, enabling customers to build rundowns and stories right in the Remote Sequencer. Ross is offering the new Gateway as a hardware/software bundle that includes the XPression Sequencer Gateway software, XPression Offline Render Engine software and the XPression Gateway hardware (this bundle does require XPression Project Server which is not included, but can be run as software on the XPression Gateway hardware).

Finally, Ross has also introduced XPression Elect-It! – a complete elections solution that can drive tickers, full screens and lower-third results. The web-based interface enables staff to collaborate on elections graphics and build rundowns no matter what their role or location, and wire licenses from Decision Desk HQ and Associated Press can be integrated into the solution (other data sources are also available). Several pre-configured graphics packages have been created by Rocket Surgery – Ross Video’s in-house creative and services division – and are available as a bundle with XPression Elect-It! Please contact us for more information.

All the details are here.