Ross Video Launches Kiva Live Presentation Server

ross video kiva

Ross Video announced the launch of the Kiva Live Presentation Server Tuesday. Kiva is a new media server platform that complements the existing Tria production server and Mira replay server solutions from Ross. The Kiva user interface presents various digital media into venue video boards, such as real-time video clips, “fill+matte” stills and animations, surround-sound audio, and sponsored advertisements. Kiva is designed for sports and other live events.

Kiva features a picon-based user interface with shot-box-style operations. With “point and click” actions, one or two pairs of preview and program players, and audio levels and player controls, Kiva provides extensive playout power. The interface is customizable, letting operators assign all playout content onto banks and pages of media buttons to simplify playout during each live production.