Roland’s Rubix Line of Audio Interfaces Is Now Available

Roland announces the availability of Rubix, a line of audio interfaces for Mac, PC and iPad. The Rubix audio interface line consists of the Rubix22, 24 and 44. Each multi-platform interface is low noise with transparent mic preamps and support for audio resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz.

Rubix22 is a two-in/two-out model with dual mic preamps. When coupled with an iPad, it creates a highly portable recording or performance rig. Rubix24 adds two extra outputs and a hardware compressor/limiter for controlling highly dynamic sources. Rubix44 adds two additional mic preamps for a total of four inputs and four outputs.

The Roland Rubix series is available with pricing as follows:

  • Rubix22: $149
  • Rubix24: $199
  • Rubix44: $299

All the specs are here.