Roland’s Professional A/V Division Announces VR-400UHD 4K Streaming AV Mixer

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Roland’s Professional A/V Division just announced the VR-400UHD 4K Streaming AV Mixer, a 4K switcher for live events. Using two touch screens, users can quickly set various scene presets, preview them in real-time and confidently run transitions by knowing what viewers will see.

The VR-400UHD can preview eight scenes at once on the touch screen, and with eight programmable scene banks, the VR-400UHD can hold up to 64 possible saved scenes, providing enterprise users like churches, companies and schools with all the presets they may need for production.

Equipped with seven HDMI ports, the VR-400UHD supports high-quality video up to 4K/60p with four cross points. The fourth cross point has four HDMI inputs, so additional sources can be connected and instantly assigned with a scene switch. It also includes a 14-channel audio mixer for combining analog inputs with embedded digital audio. The USB-C port outputs up to 4K/30p video with audio to a PC for high-end 4K live streaming of the event from the venue.

The Roland VR-400UHD 4K Streaming AV Mixer will be available in July in the U.S. for $7,495.