Roland’s 4XCamera Maker App Debuts 

Roland just launched the 4XCamera Maker App, an iOS-based camera app to shoot, edit and publish videos without needing expensive camera equipment or a computer. The full editing functionality of 4XCamera Maker is available through a small in-app purchase. Roland GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER Pro users can connect their GO:MIXER to the app for full editing functionality free of charge.  
The 4XCamera Maker App streamlines the recording process and limits the need for multiple takes by allowing creators to connect their iPhone or iPad — and up to three additional iOS devices — to shoot a multi-angle video in just one take. Once captured, it only takes one tap to upload the multi-angle footage to master devices. There’s no need to export anything to expensive, complicated post-production apps since 4XCamera Maker includes simple-to-use and easy-to-apply editing tools. Creators are able to utilize split-screen layouts, incorporate transitions, fade in and out and trim footage anytime, anywhere from an iPhone or iPad.
With ten individual editing states, 4XCamera Maker allows users the flexibility to edit several videos and review them later or to save and share videos immediately. As the newest addition to Roland’s collection of professional video products, the 4XCamera Maker provides creators with an all-in-one video production platform to take creators from the early stages of video capture to sharing the final product.
The 4XCamera Maker details are here and you can download it here.