Roland Launches the VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter During InfoComm 2022

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Roland just launched the VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter during InfoComm 2022. The VC-1-DMX automatically generates control commands for a DMX lighting setup based on input from video, audio and MIDI sources, eliminating the need for a dedicated lighting operator.

Dynamic lighting elevates the energy and excitement of any interactive event, from music concerts and dance clubs to house parties and the local karaoke bar. With the VC-1-DMX, it’s easy for anyone to bring the impact of a pro light show to any event. Users can connect HDMI video, analog audio and MIDI sources for automatic conversion and distribution to DMX gear. Four-channel maps are available via dip switches to control 512 DMX signal channels, which can be customized from a computer with the VC-1-DMX Setup Tool.

The VC-1-DMX generates color and brightness changes based on the content of the current video image. HDMI-compliant video signals are analyzed in up to 32 color areas and converted into luminance information for each color, which can be assigned to DMX channels for synchronized control.

The VC-1-DMX also analyzes sound information received at the HDMI and analog audio inputs. This lets users add flash effects along with the beat, change the rotation speed of a mirror ball or other device to match the music tempo, or automatically turn off the lights when there is no sound.

The Roland VC-1-DMX Video Lighting Converter is currently available for $495.