Roland Pro A/V Updates V-800HD Multi-Format Video Switcher

Roland Professional has updated “Mark II” version of its V-800HD Multi-Format Video Switcher. The V-800HD MK II includes new dedicated switches for aux source selection offering enhanced visibility and operability, in addition to a new interface redesign. An advanced keyer lets users adjust phase range, amount of chroma and other parameters based on the HSV color space that is closely related to human chromatic sensation — providing high quality and tight key compositions especially when using 1080p video sources.

The Roland V-800HD MK II is a true multi-format video mixer with a dedicated scaler for every input, allowing for all different video resolutions to be switched at the same time. Most every type of digital and analog input is available, in video or computer format, and on the output side scalers allow for direct connection to LED walls without the need for external scaling devices. A built-in HDMI multi-viewer provides a convenient monitoring solution. In addition to video channels, two channels are available for still images, which upload by USB memory stick or frame grab.

Ten assignable video cross-points allow the reordering of channel buttons. Multi-Zoom functionality can be enabled when one video input is shared internally with up to three more inputs. The scaler for each input can zoom into any position in the video image to give the appearance that additional cameras are connected, thus creating a virtual multi-camera environment.

The Roland V-800HD MK II will be available in June with at a price of $7,995 and all the specs are here.