Roland Pro AV Introduces Its V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer

Roland Pro AV is introducing the V-02HD Multi-Format Video Mixer, which combines a simple switcher, scaler, input expander and inline video effects/composition and audio solution in one portable unit. T

As a switcher, Roland’s V-02HD can provide a cross-dissolve switchover between sources including support 10-bit 4:4:4 (1080p) color space. It can also make a two-camera shoot manageable by one-person. The unit accepts the outputs from two HDMI cameras and enables seamless switching to a connected recorder or live-streaming encoder.

Transition, composition and visual effects tools may be applied in real time from the intuitive front panel controls. Fourteen visual effects and five composition effects are included, with adjustable parameters to fine-tune the results. Operators can use the onboard composition effects to add titles, apply the key effect for green screen work or create a separate inset window with the PiP capability.

The V-02HD mixes two-channel audio from sources with HDMI de-embedding along with one stereo analog input for external sources via a 3.5-millimeter jack. The unit supports analog and 24-bit/48 kHz Linear PCM digital audio with embedding to the HDMI outputs for recording or live-streaming as well as analog output to a dedicated audio mixer or other device, or for headphone monitoring, through a second 3.5-millimeter jack.

The V-02HD is here.