Roland Expands Roland Cloud, Moves it to Primary Website

roland cloud

Roland announced the most massive expansion yet to Roland Cloud Wednesday. Roland Cloud is the company’s cloud-based platform with more than 50 Roland software synthesizers and sound libraries.

The expansion moves the platform to the company’s primary “” website. It welcomes the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, a “virtualized ZEN-Core” plug-in instrument. Other enhancements include new membership plan options, Lifetime Key purchases, international availability with multi-language and local currency support and a refreshed “Roland Cloud Manager” app that now offers new sounds for compatible hardware owners.

ZENOLOGY, Roland’s new expandable plug-in version of its ZEN-Core Synthesis System for macOS and Windows, is offered exclusively through Roland Cloud membership. ZENOLOGY gives members instant access to ZEN-Core, the most advanced sound engine ever produced by Roland. Roland Cloud members can take ZEN-Core straight to their DAW and share sounds seamlessly with compatible hardware instruments like FANTOM and JUPITER-X.

Customer access begins with a Roland Account. Users sign up for free inside Roland Cloud Manager — and then they can receive free features like the ZENOLOGY Lite Software Synthesizer and select hardware patches. They can also purchase memberships, Lifetime Keys and sound expansions, with more to come.

A Lifetime Key gives the purchaser access to a single Roland software instrument of their choosing, with continuous use privileges for as long as their Roland Account is active. Lifetime Key purchasers also receive ongoing free updates and the benefits of cloud-based mobility when signing into Roland Cloud Manager on any compatible computer.

Roland Cloud Manager keeps everything current and organized while allowing users to create and manage a Roland Account. Members can also control all ZEN-Core compatible Roland hardware, access ZEN-Core Sound Packs, and use ZENOLOGY as a librarian from one centralized location within Roland Cloud Manager.

Roland Cloud now offers three membership levels: Core, Pro, and Ultimate, with both monthly and annual pricing options available. All paid membership levels start with a free 30-day trial of Ultimate. Anyone signed up for a free Roland Account can explore the ZENOLOGY Lite software synth featuring 176 tones and six drum kits, access sounds for Roland hardware and more.

  • Core: ($29.99/year or $2.99/month) Includes the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer featuring over 3,000 tones and access to all ZEN-Core Sound Packs for software.
  • Pro: ($99/year or $9.99/month) Unlimited access to the TR-808 and D-50, ZENOLOGY Pro (full-edit version available fall 2020), with access to all ZEN-Core Sound Packs and Wave and Model Expansions for software, plus Anthology, TERA, FLAVR, Drum Studio and all software patches and patterns.
  • Ultimate: ($199/year or $19.99/month) Unlimited access to all software instruments and sounds. Includes ZENOLOGY Pro (full-edit version available fall 2020), all ZEN-Core Sound Packs, all Wave and Model Expansions, all Legendary and SRX collections, Anthology, TERA, FLAVR, Drum Studio and all software patches and patterns.

Here’s where you can sign up: