Roland Announces New Wireless MIDI Adaptor and Dongle

roland midi dongle

Roland announced the WM-1 Wireless MIDI Adaptor and WM-1D Wireless MIDI Dongle, two new products that bring wireless MIDI’s convenience to modern music creators. Easy to set up and use, the WM-1 and WM-1D provide wireless MIDI communication between multiple devices, including keyboards, drum machines and other MIDI hardware, Mac and Windows computers, and iOS mobile devices. In addition to MIDI note data, users can send MIDI sync for tempo, effects, LFOs, loops and more— all without connecting a single cable.

The WM-1 connects to MIDI hardware devices with standard five-pin MIDI I/O, while the WM-1D connects to computers and iOS devices via USB. Standard mode provides low-latency MIDI communication between up to four total devices. Fast mode reduces latency to 3 milliseconds —providing ultra-fast communication between two WM units for timing-critical applications.

WM units can communicate with each other, and with MIDI music apps on an iOS device and Mac computer in Standard mode via Bluetooth MIDI. The WM-1D is ideal for Windows computers, which don’t have Bluetooth MIDI support built-in. Users of Mac computers and iOS devices can also use the WM-1D to benefit from Fast mode. (USB connection with iOS devices requires the appropriate Apple adaptor.)

The WM-1 is $69.99, and the WM-1D is $79.99 — both will be available October 2020.