Rohde & Schwarz Offers New Ultra-Wideband Test Solution Validated for FiRa Consortium PHY Conformance

51039 04 1Rohde & Schwarz, a leading provider of wireless device testing solutions and member of the FiRaTM
Consortium, announced today that it will provide a FiRa validated ultra-wideband (UWB) PHY Conformance
Test Tool (PCTT) to support the further development of an open and standardized UWB ecosystem. With
expertise and experience in wireless technology verification and certification, Rohde & Schwarz is well
positioned to provide a test tool to support interoperability on the UWB physical layer as specified by FiRa.
Thanks to the unique capabilities of UWB for secure fine ranging, UWB-enabled devices can accurately and
securely measure the distance and direction of connected devices.

These capabilities make UWB the perfect technology for use cases such as indoor navigation, social distancing,  hands-free access, asset tracking, ticket validation, mobile payment, and point-and-trigger applications. The FiRa Certification Program is intended to support interoperability of UWB-enabled devices on different layers. This includes physical layer conformance testing performed by FiRa Authorized Test Laboratories (ATLs). These labs use FiRa validated test tools like the test solution from Rohde & Schwarz.

Clint Chaplin, Secretary of the FiRa Consortium Board of Directors and co-chair of the Compliance and
Certification Working Group says, “Delivering a seamless customer experience and device interoperability
are essential for the wide success of UWB. Certification is one cornerstone to support interoperability. We
are pleased that we now have a FiRa validated PHY Conformance Test Tool from Rohde & Schwarz in the
FiRa Certification Program.”

As a leader in wireless device testing, Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with industry partners and
organizations like the FiRa Consortium to develop UWB test solutions. These test solutions are used for
R&D, certification, chipset characterization and production. The comprehensive set of UWB test capabilities
of the R&S CMP200 radio communication tester controlled by the new UWB PHY Test Suite for test
automation allows flexible pre-conformance testing. It also offers an option to run as a PCTT for FiRa

Christoph Pointner, Senior Vice President for Mobile Radio Testers at Rohde & Schwarz, says, “We at
Rohde & Schwarz, the leading supplier of wireless connectivity test solutions, are pleased to support the
FiRa Consortium in its efforts to establish a strong certification framework for an open UWB ecosystem by
providing a validated physical layer test tool. We look forward to continuing our work with members of the
FiRa Consortium to cover upcoming UWB use cases and to strengthen the certification framework.”
For further information about the UWB test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz, check here.