Rockwell Collins Chooses Videotel Inc.’s Industrial Digital Media Players

videotel12Rockwell Collins has been a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. Its global team of nearly 20,000 employees shares a vision to create the most trusted source of communication and aviation electronics solutions. So when the company needed a reliable digital media solution to help its test stations reproduce DVD movies continuously for days at a time, it looked to Videotel Inc. and its HD2600 industrial media player.

Videotel’s HD2600 is a true industrial grade auto play and auto looping HD DVD player designed for rugged use and displays HD video content on any screen. It is designed to automatically power on, auto, play, auto repeat and auto loops content seamlessly without menus, remotes or manual interaction. The HD2600 is a high definition, UL-approved digital media player ideal for environments that desire a cost-effective digital signage solution. The player is so powerful and reliable, it may also be used as test equipment in laboratories.

“The industrial DVD player from Videotel has been helping my company to reduce several hours of downtime in the test stations that need to reproduce DVD movies continuously for 48 hours,” said Fidel Arrendondo Castro, facilities engineer for Rockwell Collins. “In these conditions, previous commercial DVD players needed to be replaced in one year while the Videotel DVD players work for years without any problems.”

Incomparable in quality and reliability, the HD2600 is the perfect solution for companies like the Rockwell Collins that need reliable digital media players and audio/video resources with seamless continuous play 24/7/365 proven to run for over six years without failure.

We are proud to be part of Rockwell Collins’ commitment to providing reliable solutions and lower operational costs to the aviation and defense industries,” said Lisa Schneider, Videotel’s vice president of business development and market strategy. “We believe there isn’t a more powerful, affordable solution for testing environments than Videotel’s HD2600 looping DVD player.”
About Videotel Inc.
Videotel Inc. is the leading nationwide manufacturer of the HD2600 industrial looping DVD player and of industrial media players, digital signage players, interactive digital signage solutions and custom kiosks.
Videotel is based in San Diego, Calif., with over 33 years of market experience in developing simply reliable industrial digital products and solutions.