RobotLAB Will Support LG Robots in Commercial Venues Across US


RobotLAB, a robotics integrator, has been tapped by LG Business Solutions USA to support the integration of LG’s robots in commercial venues across the United States. RobotLAB will support two key robot models in LG’s portfolio: the LG CLOi ServeBot, which provides front-of-house food service assistance and table bussing capabilities, and the LG CLOi GuideBot, which offers robotic solutions for guest guidance at large hotels, casinos, airports, hospitals, museums and more.

RobotLAB’s 13-year track record of “successfully managing the commercial deployment of more than 7,500 robots” was an “important consideration for LG” as it sought to identify key robot collaborators in the United States. With a team dedicated solely to LG projects and products, RobotLAB will leverage its expertise to help LG manage various aspects of robot deployment, including sales, marketing, integration and service.

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Since its founding in 2007, RobotLAB has provided “turnkey robotics solutions to companies of all sizes in industries” including food service, hospitality, banking, education, assisted living, education, cleaning, delivery and hospitals. The company’s team of roboticists has effectively deployed thousands of robots that have provided an impressive array of businesses with a clear path to the successful and highly specialized integration of robotics solutions. As labor becomes increasingly expensive and scarce, RobotLAB helps businesses harness the power of robotics to improve bottom-line and employee retention by reallocating routine tasks to automated technologies. RobotLAB oversees all aspects of the robotics integration process – from sales, tailored programming, on-site integration and repairs — to ensure businesses can access and understand solutions that will dramatically improve their performance.