Ricoh Targets Casio’s Virtual Presenter in Hologram for Digital Signage

gi-sol-prsonas-presentation-0117Ricoh today unveiled a virtual presenter hologram that’s very similar to the CASIO virtual presenter system. The RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram uses artificial intelligence (AI) holograms and Ricoh’s ultra short-throw RICOH PJ WX4152N projectors to greet, inform and bid farewell to visitors.

RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram can be deployed in a variety of ways to address the needs of many retail, tradeshow, sporting and other venues. Holograms can be set to project computer generated images of people, animals, mascots or even real-life people, such as executives or celebrities. Using Ricoh’s ultra short-throw technology, the holograms require a 16″x15″ footprint. Additionally, updating messaging for the CGI receptionist is quick and easy, making it simple to address common questions or changing messaging needs. For example, a retail location could use a RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram as a virtual greeter who receives visitors, answers basic questions and provides coupons for discounts.

Here are all the specs.