Ricoh Intros First Upright Ultra-Short-Throw Projector

Ricoh just unveiled the first upright ultra-short-throw projector, capable of displaying a 48” diagonal HD image when placed less than 5” from a wall or screen.

Weighing only 6.6 pounds, spec’d at 2500 ANSI lumens, the PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N is designed for conference rooms, offices, small-to-midsize meeting spaces and classrooms. Unlike ceiling-mounted short-throw projectors, which are fixed in place, the portable PJ WX4130/PJ WX4130N can be placed on a tabletop or stand and project upwards. Its vertical orientation means the projector depth and wall gap together occupy less than one foot of space along the wall, preserving table space that traditional projectors would fill. Backing the projector up to 9.6” from a wall delivers an 80” HD WXGA 1280×800 picture.

Achieved using Ricoh’s Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology, these projectors use a concave mirror to spread the image reflection, which allows for a wide viewing angle while keeping the optical system small.

The Ricoh PJ WX4130 lists for $1,650, while the PJ WX4130N (which is also networkable) lists for $1,900. More info is here: