RGB Spectrum Announces New Zio Media Server (Zio), QuadView and KVM-based XtendPoint Series

RGB Spectrum is debuting a lot of new stuff at one time. Including:

Zio Recording & Media Server: Available in various models designed to support multiple stream recording and playback simultaneously, with storage options sized to meet customer requirements. Playback options include synchronized group playback, pause playback, different speeds, jump to time, and more.

Zio D2100 front

Zio 2100 Series: RGB Spectrum’s newest family of encoders, decoders, and multiviewers delivers compact, affordable units that support up to 4Kp60 resolution. These units support PoE++, eliminating the need for a dedicated power cord by providing power via the Ethernet port. All units are TAA- and BAA-compliant.

superview ipx front

QuadView IPX and SuperView IPX: The QuadView and SuperView IPX multiviewers support IP and local baseband sources. The QuadView IPX supports up to four resizable windows containing any IP or baseband content combo. The SuperView IPX supports up to four resizable IP and four resizable baseband sources.


XtendPoint Link: The XtendPoint KVM-over-IP system is a multi-user KVM system integrated with a multiviewer desktop display where an operator can access up to eight computers over two monitors simultaneously. With the addition of the new XtendPoint Link, users can customize their workspaces to handle ever larger arrays of monitors by combining XtendPoint receivers with single mouse and keyboard controls of all controllable systems.