RGB Spectrum Adds HDCP Support

Mediawall4500 0510

RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall 4200, MediaWall 4500 Mediawall4500-0510and SuperView 5000 display wall processors and multi-viewers are now available with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support.

As you may know, HDCP is an audio and video entertainment industry standard designed to protect digital content by employing complex authentication during transmission from a source device to a display device. Proper authentication across the entire signal path is required for source content to be decrypted and for transmission to occur. The authentication process is highly active at connection time, as well as throughout playback to ensure that the transmission of the content remains secure. Until now, the complexity of authenticating display devices has made it impossible to provide HDCP-protected material on their display walls and multi-image displays.
The HDCP option is now available on all new MediaWall 4200, MediaWall 4500 and SuperView 5000 products.

The HDCP issues are already becoming a problem in the rental market, faster than even I thought they would. This looks like a viable solution for our HDCP issues, combined with a very flexible wall processor…