RGB Spectrum Adds Annotator Option to MultiViewer

Annotatorjune-0612RGB Spectrum’s new Annotator option for the QuadView HDx MultiViewer adds the ability to highlight, draw and point over any portion of the multi-image output. The Annotator includes various kinds of markers, including cursors, drawing tools and highlighters. Markers are available in multiple color and style choices and stored in up to 25 overlays. The use of multiple overlays allows annotations to be set up offline and recalled during a presentation.

Input devices include touch screens and graphics tablets and the basic features include:

  • Scale and annotate video (HD/SD, NTSC/PAL) and graphics sources
  • Freehand draw with 12 pointer types, 4 line widths, 7 colors, 3 highlight colors
  • Resize and move windows
  • Freeze live video for annotation
  • Save snapshots to USB memory device or network drive
  • Print snapshots to a network or local USB printer
  • Share snapshots via teleconference
  • Control with touch screen, digitizing tablet, mouse and keyboard

You can see all the details here: http://www.rgb.com/news/announcements/item.php?file=Annotatorjune