Resolution Acoustics Ships Tower Acoustic Treatment Systems

towers-acoustic-treatment-0815Resolution Acoustics, known as a manufacturer of acoustic-treatment systems, is shipping its new patent-pending Towers, made in the US. Before-and-after room measurements have proven that the Towers positively affect broadband frequencies down into the mid-20Hz range, dramatically reducing the time decay of fundamental and harmonic frequencies, lowering the modal peaks and bringing up the dips to even out the room’s low-frequency response. Simply put, this means the bass will be tighter, deeper, better defined, more natural and more even through out the room. In addition to this, the Towers dramatically increase the perceived depth of soundstage. The Towers are available in standard woods and veneers including walnut, cherry, and maple in satin finish; while options include premium woods and veneers, custom sizes and special order fabrics. $11,200.00/pair in standard furniture-grade finishes.

The system will also use four front Diffusers, separate panels designed as an array, to diffuse from approximately 440Hz to over 17,000Hz and will positively affect down to the 220Hz range. Options include custom configurations to create a seamless integrated unit as well as custom veneers and matching stains. $2,625/each in standard-grade finishes.

Attendees will be able to compare systems, in adjoining rooms, featuring a single source simultaneously feeding identical systems of very respected high-end components. The only difference is that one room will be treated with Resolution Acoustics’ room-treatment system while the other room will be left untreated. The audio system will comprise a Meitner MA-1 DAC, Pass Labs XP-30 preamplifier, Pass Labs XA 100.5 power amplifiers, Sonus Faber Stradivari speakers and Wireworld interconnects, including:

  • 35-foot runs of its Silver Eclipse 7 balanced interconnects for the preamp outputs
  • Platinum Eclipse 7 speaker cables
  • Platinum Eclipse 7 interconnects between the source components and preamp
  • Platinum Starlight 7 USB interconnect
  • Platinum Electra power cords
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Here are the details.