Resideo Closes on Snap One Acquisition; Now Part of ADI Global

resideo snap one adi global

Resideo notified rAVe today that it has completed the acquisition of Snap One to be part of ADI Global Distribution. This acquisition is the largest distributor/distributor buy in the history of AV. And, it’s interesting as Snap One has been, by far, the dominant distributor on the residential AV market and means that Residio firmly controls distribution in HomeAV — a market they already were a giant player. Snap One spent the last few years slowly entering the Commercial AV market with an initiative led by Scott Normand.

Snap One is well-known as a leading provider of smart-living products, services and software. The Snap One acquisition is actually complementary to ADI and they told rAVe we can expect the following for current ADI clients:

  • Access to a broader portfolio, including both proprietary (remember, Snap One makes their own speakers, owns Control4 and has a line of power conditioning products) and third-party products, and expanded services.
  • An enhanced distribution network and footprint with more locations, more buying convenience, and more local expertise and support.
  • A combined digital and e-commerce store, including same-day or pick up anytime, and a variety of delivery options, will make getting products even easier.
  • A larger investment in technology, innovation, and R&D to support roadmaps and pipeline for proprietary products.