rePLAY ISE 2023 With Steph Beckett and Gary Kayye — Available on Demand!

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Welcome to rePLAY ISE 2023 with Gary Kayye, co-founder and director of THE rAVe Agency, and Steph Beckett, managing editor of rAVe [PUBS]. They are here to walk you through ISE 2023 with interviews, product demonstrations and themes of the show.

rePLAY ISE 2023 is split into two sessions, the first primarily targeted to a European audience and the second to a North American audience, but both provide unique insights and analyses of the show.

ISE 2023 broke Barcelona records with over 58,000 attendees representing 155 different countries. Bob Snyder, contributing editor of rAVe [Europe], said, “I think the move to Barcelona is giving ISE a new vibrancy.”

Many of the stands this year at ISE were interactive, which was different from years past. Manufacturers set up real-world environments on the show floor, such as meeting rooms, retail displays and museums. “They really focused on creating an experience at the show and not just a trade show,” Gary said.

Steph and Gary agree that XR Technology was big in the digital signage hall this year with lots of stunning displays. They also expect all-in-one products to be a trend in 2023 because they reduce reliance on outside companies. Gary noted that lots of company partnerships were announced at the show, which is a testament to streamlining product ecosystems.

Other trends like virtual production and security were also prominent on the show floor this year.

Session one features an interview with Gordon Dutch, CEO of Re-Sauce, who noted that transparent LED is becoming much more interesting. He also expects all-in-one products to emerge for UC.

In session two, Drew Buttress, senior product manager at Sony, details the company’s PTZ camera technology, such as auto-framing capabilities in a featured interview. This session also includes Dan Goldstein, chief marketing officer at AVIXA, who talks with Steph and Gary about trends in the industry.

Both sessions of rePLAY ISE 2023 are available on demand, and the rAVe [PUBS] ISE microsite also features all of the videos, news and blogs we captured during the show.