rePLAY ISE 2022 — We’re Back

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rePLAY ISE 2022 was a success and we’ve got an exciting recap of session one for you! We had an awesome time gathering content in Barcelona for the live event, and we had even more fun showing it to you on the LAVNCH platform. One of the highlights from the trip was Emily Dean stepping into the spotlight and conducting executive interviews and booth tours on the show floor! She co-hosted rePLAY ISE 2022 with Steph Beckett and we couldn’t be prouder of her. Here’s a quick overview of what went down during session one of rePLAY.

Tour of the floor

We kicked it off with a tour of the show floor that Steph did during rAVe [TV]. She walked by Absen‘s stand, the beautiful microtiles LED that Christie utilized to spell out the company’s name, LG‘s monorail solution and Crestron‘s esports solutions that use AV-over-IP. Steph also passed LANG AG‘s boot that highlighted the VENUS 8K LED Wall and Samsung‘s stand showcasing The Wall.

One of the biggest things that stood out during the tour was the sheer number of individuals on the show floor. Our team was “parting the sea” of people while filming and it truly solidified that trade shows are back and better than ever.

Interviews and Booth Tours

Steph and Emily shot executive interviews and booth tours with our rePLAY partners that they showcased during the session. Steph met with Barco to discuss its TruPix LED Solution that was launched at ISE and gained a lot of attention from attendees. Re Mago and Jupiter talked to Emily about Re Mago’s Valarea collaboration software shown on Jupiter’s 21:9 display. If you couldn’t make it to ISE 2022, don’t worry, the companies will be showcasing it again at InfoComm 2022! Emily also spoke with Ian Barnard of Sharp/NEC to discuss the joint venture and how ISE was the first time the two have debuted together. She also met with Matrox for a stand tour with Rob Moody and discussed interoperability!

Videos, Videos and More Videos

Our team shot over 800 videos during the trade show, but the goal with rePLAY ISE 2022 was to showcase the new technology we saw on the show floor. Steph and Emily created a lineup of curated content that directly applied to our European viewers during the first session. They kicked off the video highlights in the IoT hall, where FIWARE used a LEGO city to demonstrate Its open-source software for context-data management. Up next was LANG AG’s show-stopping 1.5-millimeter pixel pitch VENUS, 8K resolution LED wall, Artome’s M10 portable all-in-one Smart Furniture solution with an Epson projector, Sharp/NEC’s Vitra Dancing Wall, which was a mobile partition for flexible zones and SMS Evoko Group’s Peggy, which was a pegboard solution for mounting displays, projectors and more. Steph and Emily then moved on to play videos from StudioBricks about its Studio One sound booth,‘s demo of its free app that quickly aligns sacked projectors, Chromateq‘s Touch 1024, RPG’s demo of the eoSmart Digital Console and finally, Beckhoff‘s XPlanar solution for projection mapping. These were just a few of many videos we captured from European companies on the show floor and plenty more can be found on the ISE 2022 microsite!

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Steph Speaks with Gordon Dutch

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Steph Beckett caught up with our good friend Gordon Dutch from Re-Sauce at the show! They discussed how the show was going and Gordon expressed his opinions on Barcelona as the new home base for ISE.

“First impressions are they’ve done an amazing job,” he said.

One of the best parts about returning to in-person trade shows is catching up with our fellow AVtweeps from around the world. Steph hadn’t seen Gordon since 2020 and said it was great finally getting to connect again. This viewpoint was shared by exhibitors and attendees alike. While we can virtually connect, nothing compares to the value of face-to-face interaction.<

All-in-all, session one of rePLAY ISE 2022 was a success! Our team was pleasantly surprised by the number of individuals who traveled to Barcelona to attend ISE 2022! Catch all of this content and more by checking the two rePLAY ISE 2022 sessions on-demand and find the rest of the content we captured at the show on the ISE 2022 microsite.