rePLAY DSE 2022 with Megan A. Dutta and Steph Beckett

replay dse 2022

After arriving back home from DSE 2022, managing editor of rAVe [PUBS], Steph Beckett, and director of LAVNCH, Megan A. Dutta, are here to fill you in via rePLAY DSE 2022. Here’s a recap of what you missed!

At the show, Steph got a chance to speak with different companies and representatives, such as David Drain of Questex (the organization that owns the Digital Signage Experience), who were pleased with the turnout and success of the show.

“This has been a reboot year, and we’re very proud of where we are,” Drain said.

Megan said that the show didn’t have huge crowds but it was a great event for long conversations and networking.


As Steph said, there are so many ways to define metrics — so many things to measure and so many ways to measure them. She and Megan highlighted a few products and solutions from the show floor — one of them being BlueZoo.

Megan said that metrics are not just being used for traditional digital signage, but also for experiential installations.

Steph’s chat with Randy Byrd of Sensory Interactive gave a little more insight into trends with experiential signage.

Sensory Interactive works in lots of different environments including retail, live-work-play, sports and entertainment.

“The future is all digital, I think it’s even going to be more so,” Byrd said. “We’re spending a lot of time looking into AR AI using glasses, we really believe that the glass technology is going to be where people are wearing glasses five years from now and that’s our perspective.”

Emerging Technologies

Steph and Megan also chatted about the emerging tech they saw on the show floor. They brought up SapientX’s conversational characters and ARHT Media’s Capsule.

Content Management

Steph and Megan mentioned that content management solutions were also a hot topic at DSE this year.

“I noticed one of the trends that we’re seeing is everyone is promoting that it’s so easy for any end user to use,” Megan said.

However, Megan noticed some integrators saying that it could cut down on what they, as well as design firms, do. She said she is interested to see how content management progresses in the future.

Networking and Events

As mentioned before, DSE was a smaller event this year as it was its first year back since 2019. This opened the door for plenty of networking opportunities. Megan mentioned the roundtable lunches that were offered to enable people to sit down with a group of 8-10 people to discuss a specific topic and learn from their peers.

Some other popular events at DSE this year were the Women in Digital Signage luncheon, which Megan worked on to encourage conversation about the struggles women face in this male-dominated industry, the Experience United Social Club networking event at a brewery off the Las Vegas strip and, of course, the DIZZIE Awards.

Overall, Megan and Steph agree that DSE was a success and it was incredible to meet everyone in attendance as well as learn about new trends entering the digital signage market.

More information about the show can be found on the DSE site on rAVe [PUBS] with more interviews, insight, and news. To see the full rePLAY event, register here to watch on demand.