Registration Now Open for LAVNCH WEEK 6


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We are pleased to announce that LAVNCH WEEK 6 will be back Oct. 24-27.

Known widely as the industry’s #1 virtual event platform, LAVNCH is also known for its LAVNCH WEEK events, typically organized by solution type. For this multiday event, each day will be organized as follows:

  • Oct. 24, 2022 — UCC Day
  • Oct. 25, 2022 — Emerging Technologies Day
  • Oct. 26, 2022 — ProAV Day
  • Oct. 27, 2022 — Digital Signage Day

“I’m honored that LAVNCH WEEK has become the standard virtual event platform for our industry,” said Gary Kayye, co-founder and director of THE rAVe Agency. “Of course, we would all rather be at live events, but if you have to do something virtual, it might as well be with rAVe!”

“LAVNCH WEEK 6 may have our best batch of speakers yet — you won’t want to miss out on the forward-thinking ideas presented by this spectacular group,” said Megan A. Dutta, emerging markets director at THE rAVe Agency editor-in-chief of LAVNCH [CODE]. “Plus, we’ve applied for 2 CTS RUs per day … meaning if you attend all four days, you’ll potentially receive 8 CTS RU credits. Don’t miss out on this stellar event!”

Some of the featured speakers and presentations will include:

  • “How to Make Hybrid Happen,” a panel featuring Mark Coxon and Gordon Wright.
  • “The Shift from Hardware to Software,” a panel featuring Megan A. Dutta and Dave Hatz.
  • #avIRL sessions that show you real-life awe-inspiring applications of AV tech.
  • Short update sessions on each market segment.
  • So much more!

Don’t miss out! You can register for LAVNCH WEEK 6 right here. We’ll see you there!