Regional Trade Shows Bring Value

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Symco Philadelphia Technology Showcase. This isn’t my first time talking about how I find industry shows to be valuable, but as I walked around yesterday it really solidified the fact that regional shows are getting better and better. Let me explain.

How Regional Shows Have Gotten Better

Regional shows used to be a bunch of vendors setting up their wares on tables or in booths and the end users and integrators walk around, like in any trade show environment. Some shows would include a round of golf in the morning or afternoon to entice attendees to commit to attending the show. And occasionally, some shows would offer a couple of breakout sessions that would talk about relevant topics to the AV industry.

Now, all of the regional shows I attend (mainly in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States) offer vendors set up at tables or booths AND numerous breakout sessions for learning throughout the day. And many of these shows are starting to offer classes that offer an accreditation such as CTS renewal units or AIA credits.

Why The Sessions Make For A Better Show

I know many people in our industry that do not get to attend the large trade shows yearly, if at all. These shows include InfoComm, ISE and NAB – talking commercial AV here, not residential. Just like anyone attending the large shows, you have to convince your higher ups that your attendance to the show will have a positive ROI for the company in the form of new clients, ongoing education, certification, etc. So for the people that get left back to hold down the fort in February, April, and June regional shows are their chance to see the latest technology solutions as well attend training sessions that they would otherwise not have access to.

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I’d love to hear what your pros and cons of trade shows are!