Redefining the Wedding Registry













Spring 2015 is here, wedding bells will be ringing, and your wallet may be in for a surprise. If you’re invited to a wedding that is. If you’re the one getting married, you are one lucky person to be getting hitched in the era of high-tech gift giving.

When you think of wedding registries, you are most likely imagining buying the newlyweds things like linens, dinnerware, or a sentimental picture frame. However, wedding gifting is changing from traditional photo frames to giving investment pieces, such as outdoor TVs. That may sound ludicrous to some people, but think about it — if you were a newly married couple, wouldn’t you LOVE an outdoor TV or an awesome sound system?!?

People are getting married later in life and most already own traditional wedding gifts, like small kitchen appliances.  Since high-tech wedding gifts are more expensive than most traditional gifts, group gifting is now an option on some wedding registries. If everyone contributes a small amount, it will add up to a large investment quickly and you won’t have to completely “break the bank” to stay up-to-date on the wedding gifting times. Group gifting is a great idea for newlyweds, it ensures they will more than likely get a few expensive items they asked for.

Times have definitely changed – traditional electronics stores, like Best Buy, are now offering wedding registry options. Any registry item priced at $200 or above is automatically eligible for group gifting and if you would like to contribute, all you have to do is click the ‘contribute’ button on the registry and enter the amount you wish to give.  Then Best Buy sends over an e-gift card for that amount to you or the couple based on your delivery preference. Convenient and easy!

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Another convenient business that offers wedding registries is The newlyweds can be as traditional or nontraditional as they want because they can add anything that is available for sale on Amazon to their registry. The options for electronics and media are pretty much endless, from home theater systems to 3D TVs. If the couple happens to find must-haves on a different website that is not listed on Amazon, they can still add those items to their wedding registry with the Universal Registry Button.

The high-tech products offered from stores like Amazon and Best Buy are totally redefining the wedding registry, making newlyweds happy one outdoor TV at a time!


Tell us: What do you think about giving investment pieces, like outdoor TVs, to newlyweds instead of traditional gifts?  If you’re the lucky couple, what’s on your wish list?