Red Ventures Moves Forward With Audio-Technica Condenser Mics in Multi-Purpose Conference Room Installation

phpuevkaMPMSTOW, OH, May 18, 2016 — Even if your employer is called Red Ventures, you don’t want to be seeing red if you can help it, especially if you’re Ted Burch, Technology Support Technician in charge of audio/video at Red Ventures’ Indian Land, South Carolina headquarters. However, shortly after he started working for the marketing and sales services company in October 2015, Burch’s mettle was put to the test.

“During my second month at Red Ventures the conference room system went down in flames, so to speak – it simply stopped working. Since I was the newest tech and lowest on the totem pole I was at the end of a long and unhappy list of people who wanted the problem taken care of – yesterday.” That’s because the conference room links Red Ventures’ headquarters with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina; Waltham, Massachusetts; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Red Ventures employs more than 3,000 people and is a technology-driven marketing and sales company that partners with leading companies in high-growth industries, including home services, energy, financial services, insurance and software. “We hold training sessions, new employee orientations, business reviews and other video conferencing activities at our headquarters, so having a system that is reliable is critical to our success.”

Burch knew of Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 50 years, from his 20-plus years in the systems integration industry. After researching available options, he determined the Audio-Technica ES947/LED Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone with Mute Switch and LED Indicator and the U853PMWU UniLine™ Condenser Hanging Microphone were ideal for the application. The Audio-Technica ES947/LED cardioid condenser boundary mic has a low-profile design less than two inches wide that mounts unobtrusively in tabletops for minimum visibility. It delivers clear, intelligible audio that’s ideal for video and teleconferencing, sound reinforcement and other applications. The U853PMWU hanging mic (with white finish) features Audio-Technica’s UniLine line-cardioid element with a narrow 90-degree pickup angle, a wall/ceiling plate phantom power module that allows mounting in a standard single-gang electrical box, UniGuard® technology that rejects RFI interference and other refinements.

Burch ordered the mics from Barry Sanders, Sales Manager at Nashville, Tennessee’s Spectrum Sound, Inc. “Sanders knew time was short – I had to go from ordering products to finished installation in three weeks because the conference room had to be operational for a major business review.” Spectrum Sound provided 12 ES947/LED mics, set in two rows in the table to pick up the voices of people seated around it. Two of the U853PMWU are placed to pick up people asking questions or giving comments from the side of the room, and the other two are deployed on either side of the main speaking area to pick up the presenters. “I found this setup to be the ideal combination for effectively miking anyone who would be speaking from anywhere in the room, whether seated or standing.”

Considering what was at stake, Burch wanted to personally check the system’s performance after it was installed. “When the business review took place I sat in the room and monitored everything going on.” This time there was no reason to be red-faced – the system performed with flying colors. “The day after we received word from Red Ventures’ CEO. He and other top management congratulated us on the great job we did. Since then we’ve received many positive comments on the improved sound quality provided by the Audio-Technica mics. Everyone at the remote locations has noted that they can now hear the people speaking in the headquarters’ conference room much more clearly and easily.”

In fact, the installation has proven so successful that Burch has been given the go-ahead to install Audio-Technica ES947/LED and U853PMWU microphones and replicate the headquarters setup in all of Red Ventures’ major conference rooms in all company locations.

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