Reality Marches on…

I’ve just read the latest rAVe Pro, with Gary and Bob’s well-written take on the possibilities of the Cisco-Tandberg acquisition. The smiling “we’re all one family now” video was great, as were the encouraging words on the possibility of the commercial AV market having some input on where the 800 lb. gorilla sleeps in the future. Everybody smile, the cameras are on! And, truth to tell, it may happen that way. But there are significant differences in the outlook and marketing. Full disclosure: I am a Tandberg dealer, love their stuff, and install a lot of it. Cisco is also a former client of mine, and I have a number of friends there. But don’t underestimate the changes that will come with this “marriage”.

In fact, if you haven’t seen it, take a look at what senior Tandberg personnel were saying about Cisco just a few months ago:

Cisco: ‘In Norway We Trust’ – Bits Blog –