Re Mago and Lenovo Collaborate for ThinkSmart Core Plug-and-Play Meeting Room Appliance Powered by Valarea

valarea lenovo

Re Mago Ltd. announced that it is collaborating with Lenovo, a technology solutions company and manufacturer (OEM) of PCs and smart devices.

The Valarea Room System bundle offers a ThinkSmart Core plug-and-play meeting room appliance powered by Valarea software that supports multi-videoconferencing (VC) providers for online meetings. By allowing users to join meetings through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and many others using the same hardware and interface, the solution is agnostic, flexible and scalable.

Valarea is a unified visual collaboration solution designed to eliminate headaches in meeting rooms while making the transition to hybrid workplaces and learning environments a simple, organic and smooth process. With Valarea, you can help your organization design, create and experience the meeting space of the future with the all-in-one seamlessly integrated features you want and need from a UCC system, such as:

  • Plug-and-play setup. Just connect Valarea Room System (Lenovo ThinkSmart Core for Valarea Room) and experience immediately an engaging, interactive collaboration.
  • Join or start instant ad-hoc meetings with your choice of multi-VC providers, directly from your Google / Microsoft personal or room calendar. Choose your preferred video conferencing provider as Valarea supports 20+ video conferencing systems.
  • Cast contents from your Mobile or PC independently of networks to Valarea Room. When there’s content on your mobile device or PC that you want to share with colleagues on a larger screen, just head over to a Valarea Room where you’ll be able to project the content directly from your device to the overhead screen just scanning QR code. No need to access Wi-Fi corporate network or Guest, the cast feature works independently of the network even in 3G/4G/5G but with Bluetooth LE enabled for security and proximity.
  • Visually collaborate in an integrated real-time canvas, locally and remotely. Valarea Room includes a powerful digital workspace application seamlessly integrated with the platform that offers better presentation and brainstorming easily for every user, from any device and everywhere.
  • Manage meeting rooms and view key analytics from the built-in Cloud Management Console.
  • Universal setup. Valarea supports any display or projector configuration, whether interactive or passive, portrait or landscape, or single or multiple. Valarea has you covered.
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“Valarea not only increases productivity in meetings but addresses the root causes that result in low engagement”, said Cristiano Fumagalli, CTO of Re Mago Ltd. “Connecting remote participants to a meeting room only improves meeting productivity to a degree. A bigger impact could be made by introducing meeting room technology that eliminates barriers to collaboration for both local and remote employees, a massive productivity problem for the vast majority of companies. Valarea will keep all your employees connected and in sync with purpose-built tools.”

“Our goal is continue to innovate and bring people together and this is why providing the right technology to increase productivity, creativity, and personal connections is critical,” said Shannon MacKay, general manager for Lenovo’s Smart Collaboration Business. “No matter where people are or how they work, ThinkSmart and Valarea are focused on energizing and engaging people while maximizing meeting efficiencies.”

The Valarea Room System will be available this summer initially in EU, U.K., Middle East , India and Africa and WW from the end of 2022 from Valarea certified distributors.