RCF Releases TT+ AUDIO GTX 12 and GTX 10 Line Array Modules

RCF line array

RCF launched a new flagship TT+ AUDIO GTX 12 three-way line array module and GTX 10 compact two-way line array module designed for large-scale (GTX 12) and mid-large scale (GTX 10) touring and installed indoor and outdoor sound applications. The company says the GTX 12 is equipped with eight transducers, while the GTX 10 houses three—both offer “pristine” playback quality and optimized directivity across the entire frequency spectrum.

RCF says the  GTX 12 can be flown in arrays of up to 24 modules on a single fly-bar. One single module achieves an extremely high max SPL of 148 dB, making it suitable for the largest concerts and events. The midrange section features four 6-inch neodymium drivers with 2-inch voice coils in a coplanar configuration, providing minimal power compression and low distortion. The high-frequency section utilizes two 3-inch titanium domes and neodymium magnet compression drivers for smooth, coherent coverage across a 90° x 10° dispersion pattern made possible by the advanced 4PATH waveguide design. The company says low frequencies are handled by two 12-inch woofers with 3.5-inch voice coils incorporating TT+ AUDIO’s HyperVented technology for dynamics and detailed low end.

Maintaining the consistent design philosophy across the GTX system, RCF says the GTX 12 module decouples power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, shifting it to dedicated touring racks. Each TTR 16 touring rack can house up to three XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers, integrating AC power distribution, signal routing and network connectivity. A single XPS 16K amplifier, delivering four channels, powers every three GTX 12 modules, while one loaded TTR 16 rack serves every nine GTX modules. The TTR 16 can also be reconfigured to power every six modules for applications demanding exceptional precision and detail. The GTX 12 measures 366 mm (14.41 inches) H x 1177.5 mm (46.36 inches) W x 540.6 mm (21.28 inches) D and weighs 62.2 kg (141.54 lbs).

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According to RCF, the GTX 10 delivers a max SPL of 143 dB and leverages a 1 x 4-inch neodymium compression driver to reproduce high frequencies with detail and accuracy through its 110° x 15° waveguide. Two 10-inch neodymium woofers incorporating TT+ AUDIO’s HyperVented technology handle the low end for tight, impactful bass.

A single XPS 16K amplifier, delivering four channels, powers every four GTX 10 modules. A fully loaded single TTR 16 touring rack can power a complete 6+6 GTX 10 system with four GTS 29 double 19-inch subwoofers. The GTX 10 measures 337 mm (13.27 inches) H x 750 mm (29.53 inches) W x 483.5 mm (19.94 inches) D and weighs 31.5 kg (69.45 lbs).

RCF says both GTX models feature a tour-ready robust plywood enclosure finished in a rugged, weather-resistant polyurea coating. These include heavy-duty front grilles and quick-connect bayonet-style connectors. Suspension hardware has been optimized for rapid assembly in both tension and compression modes.

The GTX 12 and GTX 10 are part of the GTX Line Array System from TT+ AUDIO, which RCF says also includes the GTS 29 high-output subwoofer, TTR 16 touring rack, RDNet management software and SHAPE D3D system design and modeling software.