RCF NX L24-A Brings Modular Column Control to Staging Speakers

rcf-nxl24-0613RCF has extended its NX modular series of rental and installed products with a new professional two-way active sound column.

The NX L24-A contains four 6-inch drivers and a 2.5-inch voice coil compression driver, loaded on a waveguide, and contains a 700-watt two-way digital amplifier with Powercon connectors. All components have been purpose designed.

Finished in Baltic birch plywood, and trapezoidal in design, the NX L24-A can be used as a flown single piece or in a coupled configuration, or it can be pole-mounted on a floor stand or stack-mounted on a subwoofer.

The system is designed to be configured with either one or two stacked enclosures acting as a straight vertical column. As the fins become progressively longer towards the top of each enclosure, the beam of the horn is naturally tilted down for better distribution to the audience with a 15° angle to change the coverage pattern. EQ and correction settings are adjustable depending on whether a single or double NX L24-A configuration is being deployed.

Mechanically steerable as opposed to digital, RCF forecasts a vibrant market for customers seeking the benefit of an easier to operate column array, with high power from a smaller footprint — with significant cost benefits. This would typically range from vocal intelligibility in conference applications through to portable use with small bands and permanent install in small to medium sized venues.

Here are the details.