RBH Debuts SBTRS Limited Edition Speaker System

RBH Sound SVTRS Limited Edition speaker systemRBH Sound debuted its SVTRS Limited Edition speaker system. The flagship SVTRS modular tower speaker includes three modules per channel, one SV-831R in-between two SV-1212NR subwoofers, one below and one above. Each module has the same teardrop profile and, fully assembled, reach a towering 78-inches in height. The SV-831R has three 8-inch proprietary aluminum cone woofers and an Aurum Cantus AMT tweeter. Each SV-1212NR subwoofer uses dual proprietary 12-inch long-throw aluminum cone subwoofers. RBH uses steel plates to secure each module to the one below.

Designed to work with the Marani processor, RBH’s 6α amplifier includes six channels of class D amplification: two channels at 250 Watts (AMT tweeters), two channels at 500 Watts (8” woofers) and two channels at 1,500 Watts (12” woofers). For the demonstration system, RBH used their 8α amplifier which included two extra channels (one at 250 Watts and the other at 500 Watts) for a matching SV-821CR center channel.

Each SVTRS tower weighs 310 lbs and has dimensions of 15-3/16″ W x 78″ H x 22-3/16″ D, a sensitivity of 94dB (2.83V @ 1M) and has a frequency response of 17Hz-35kHz (±3dB). The suggested retail price for the SVTRS Limited Edition system is $44,995.95.

Here are the details.