Rayva New Acoustic Treatments Expedite Home Theater and Wellness Room Installation and Project Completion Timelines

RayvaNEW YORK, NY (November 21, 2019) Rayva, the world’s first producer of easy-to-install, fully engineered home theaters and wellness rooms, has developed a new and now patent-pending process of constructing acoustical wall panels for home theaters. The “collapsible” design of the panels offers a host of benefits over traditional wall panel designs that require large containers for shipping, special fabric wrapping skills, and complicated, costly modifications. Rayva has dramatically reduced the time, effort and expense of acoustic wall panels to a home theater by shipping the panel’s wooden frame deconstructed and the fabric coverings premade to fit precisely over the panel using a proprietary internal tightening system.

Acoustic Fabric Installs Like a Fitted Bedsheet (with Tighteners)

The frame, which can be ordered from Rayva in any dimension, can be constructed completely at the job site with nothing more than the screws (included) and a screwdriver. A precut piece of acoustical fabric is then fitted over the frame like a bedsheet. A series of metal pulleys attached to the edges of the frame and turnbuckles on the inside of it stretches the fabric taut, creating a perfect, fabric wall panel, free of wrinkles and gaps. The panels attach to the walls of the theater via a magnetic rail, quickly covering pre-installed acoustical absorbers, diffusers, and reflectors.

New Design Cuts Construction Costs

“Our new patent-pending panels represent a completely new approach to home theater acoustic treatments and the way they’re installed,” says Rayva President George Walter. “In the past, it required a significant amount of time, expertise, and resources to wrap large fiberboard panels with fabric or stretch fabric across the finished walls of a theater. Not anymore. Now, AV integrators of all skill levels can easily configure Rayva’s panels and apply the fabric in a fraction of the time. And because the panel comes deconstructed, shipping and warehousing costs are significantly reduced.”

The patent-pending panels are available now with any of Rayva’s pre-engineered home theater offerings. They can be ordered in a variety of shapes and dimensions to suit the acoustical needs of the space. LED lighting elements can also be added, and the fabric itself is available in a variety of colors and designs.

Fabrics Are Easily Swapped-out

Should the acoustic treatment’s fabric get damaged or should the home theater style or color scheme change, new fabric can be easily installed in place of the old fabric.

“Rewrapping fabric on a traditional fiberboard or stretching new fabric over a wall is difficult and costly,” Walter says. “This new patent-pending approach offers integrators and their customers the flexibility to update the look of the theater with minimal labor or expense.”

To see a hands-on, step-by-step demonstration of the construction process of Rayva’s new patent-pending acoustic treatments, watch this short video.

Contact George Walter at george.walter@rayva.com to learn more or to schedule an introductory webinar.