rAVe Scoop: PLUS Bests SMART with the NEW CaptureBoard Series

Aimed squarely at SMART Technologies, PLUS’ new CaptureBoard (the C-20 Series) is being called its next-generation interactive whiteboard — it incorporates not only IP connectivity, but also complete control with iOS and Android mobile devices.

By connecting the C-20 to the network, you can save the copyboard data to the board’s internal memory. Then, approximately 100 pages can be stored and, using an IP address, the presentation can be accessed on the board from a web browser. The data on the board is accessible even in “Stand-by” mode.

The PLUS CaptureBoard software allows you to combine and save the projected image with the hand-written notes into a single digital file on your computer. The simple four-button menu is intuitive and PLUS says learning the software requires little or no training. The combined image can be saved as a JPG, PNG or PDF file, which can be easily printed in color, attached to an email or incorporated into office documents. The C-20 is available in two versions — the S is 4:3 and the W is 16:9 aspect ratio.

Want to learn more? Go here: http://www.plus-america.com/captureboard.html