The 2013 rAVe Readers Choice Award Winners

2013-readers-choice-winner-0613For the second year in a row, we’ve asked our readers — the integrators, the designers and the installers of AV gear, who their favorites were. Back in April, we asked our readers to nominate ANY company they wanted for any one or more of 15 categories. And, we had well over 200 companies win various nominations from all our readers – and a few companies were even nominated in five categories.

Then, we took the top three or four companies nominated in each category and, again, asked our readers to vote for their ONE, FAVORITE for each of the 15 categories. Last week, we counted the votes. And, vote, you did. I doubt any other publication in AV history ever got this many votes for any award – and, yes, we blocked ANYONE from voting more than once. How many? We had over 62,000 votes! Yes, 62,000.

So, this is a TRUE representation of who people in AV really think are the best of the best companies.

Here are the 2013 Winners: