rAVe [TV] Episode 111 — LG Display Provides Panels to Samsung Electronics, Savant Acquires POMCube and More

May 24, 2023

In “news I could not have predicted this week” Gary and I talk about how LG Display will begin providing Samsung Electronics with display panels (Coopertition as Gary calls it). Also, Savant acquired POMCube — what could this mean for the AV industry? Are we going to start attending car shows or what? 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 110 — Gearing Up for InfoComm 2023

May 17, 2023

It’s never too early to prepare for InfoComm, so Gary and I spend this episode preparing you for what you can expect from us at the show. First of all, you can expect us to go live each day (starting Tuesday, June 13) at around 12 p.m. EDT with special trade show episodes of rAVe […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 109 — How Far We’ve Come (Plus Special Guest Nathan Haynes)

May 10, 2023

There’s nothing like reminiscing on old times to remind you of how far you’ve come. That’s why, in this episode, I dredged up an 11-year-old episode of Rants & rAVes for your viewing pleasure. Our online content really has changed significantly in the past few years! Nathan Haynes also joins this episode to talk about […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 108 — April Showers Bring May Temperature Check Surveys

May 3, 2023

To ring in the beginning of May, Emily Dean joined as my guest host once again on this episode of rAVe [TV]. We discussed the results of our April Temperature Check Survey and discussed a bit about our May Temperature Check Survey. The subject this month? InfoComm 2023. Will we see you there? If so, […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 107 — Exertis Almo’s E4 Experience, Sustainability and the Future of AI and Journalism

April 27, 2023

We’re back on the show at the same time! To commemorate this special day in which we both made it onto the show, we talk about Exertis Almo’s E4 Experience in Santa Clara and show a bit of Gary’s show floor tour. We also talk about the importance of sustainability in AV, show off a […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 106 — 2023 rAVe Readers’ Choice Awards Now Open for Voting

April 19, 2023

The rumors are true! The 2023 rAVe Readers’ Choice Awards are open for voting until May 24, so make sure to tell all your co-workers and friends to get their votes in! For another surprise on this episode, Emily Dean joins as my guest host. (Gary was having technical difficulties. It happens to the best […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 105 — Announcing the 2023 Out of This World Experience Winners With Megan A. Dutta

April 17, 2023

There’s nothing I hate more than spending time with myself alone on-air, and as Gary was in a meeting for this episode, Megan A. Dutta joins me as my co-host. We keep everyone young by discussing the latest in Ticketmaster drama when it comes to securing tickets to live shows — but we also take […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 104 — Steph’s Pre-Birthday, AVIXA and HETMA’s Partnership and Special Guests Bill Thrasher and Rachel Hanson

April 5, 2023

It’s the day before my birthday, so Gary and I are celebrating by … embarrassing me? Gary and I also discuss news from AVIXA and HETMA, a new product from Sony and we invited AVer Pro AV’s Rachel Hanson and AV-Tech Media Solutions’ Bill Thrasher on the show as our guests. 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 103 — Enterprise Connect, Temperature Check and Special Guest Rich Ventura

March 30, 2023

We’re (somewhat) back and we’re better than ever! After two weeks of having solo hosts, Steph and I are both back in front of the camera in the same episode. While I’m here in Chapel Hill, Steph is in Orlando, FL for Enterprise Connect giving you LIVE coverage from the show floor! Additionally, I talk […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 102 — AI Month and the Reader’s Choice Awards

March 23, 2023

The tables have turned, and now it was my turn to host solo. On our latest episode of rAVe [TV], the only LIVE weekly TV show in the AV industry, I talked about AI month, the upcoming rAVe Reader’s Choice Awards, and much more! Tune in, AV Tweeps! 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 101 — Outdoor Signage and Special Guest Brian Rhatigan

March 21, 2023

I may be hosting solo, but I’m not all alone! This week, I am joined by Brian Rhatigan from Exertis Almo, as rAVe [TV]’s special guest. We discussed his recent article, “5 Factors for Considering a New Projector,” for rAVe [PUBS], and then I gave a run-down of the latest news in the AV industry. […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 100 — Steph and Gary Celebrate 100 Episodes

March 20, 2023

Pop the champagne! Gary and Steph have been recording rAVe [TV] for 100 episodes. And to celebrate, they hosted this special episode during LAVNCH WEEK 7! From Telecine and YCD Multimedia’s “RAMP UP!” to Lenovo’s ThinkSmart View Plus MS Teams, we have plenty to cover this episode. Here’s to 100 more! 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 99 — Gearing Up for LAVNCH WEEK 7 and Special Guest Sara Abrons

March 6, 2023

LAVNCH WEEK 7 begins March 6-9 and on our latest episode of rAVe [TV], I reveal a few things that you can look forward to about ProAV Day (March 9 from 12:30-4 p.m. EST). But you should really register for the entire week! You can do that here. Also, Sara Abrons joins this episode to […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 98 — Unreal Engine and ProAV, With Special Guest Mark Coxon

February 27, 2023

Guess what? LAVNCH WEEK 7 is approaching rapidly (March 6-9) and Gary and I cannot wait. We talk a little about the sessions you can expect during this very exciting week. We also invited Mark Coxon on the show this week, who talks to us about Unreal Engine and how it will become a big […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 97 — Announcing the Best of ISE 2023 Awards!

February 23, 2023

What an episode! Because this episode was in the middle of two separate sessions of rePLAY ISE 2023, During this episode, Gary and I took the time to announce all of our Best of ISE 2023 awards. We also discuss his 2023 Kayye’s Krystal Ball. 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 96 — We’re Back From ISE 2023 and Special Guest Scott Tiner

February 9, 2023

We’re back! And wait a minute … Gary is STILL in the airport? Just kidding; he had to leave for another trip. But I’m back in the studio showing a few of our favorite pictures from the show floor. Don’t forget: If you want to see even more of our favorite moments, interviews and products […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 95.4 — ISE 2023 Day 4

February 3, 2023

On the final ISE 2023 episode of rAVe [TV], I interview AVIXA’s Dave Labuskes, ISE’s Mike Blackman and Equipson’s Juan José Vila. After getting all their show-floor thoughts, Gary takes you on a walk around the final two halls of the show, Halls 6 and 7.  

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rAVe [TV] Episode 95.3 — ISE 2023 Day 3

February 2, 2023

On today’s episode of rAVe [TV], I interview first-time ISE attendee Mark Coxon. I also invite AVIXA’s Joé Lloyd onto the episode, and finally chat with LG’s Bram Haans. To conclude the episode, Gary Kayye takes you on a tour around Hall 5. 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 95.2 — ISE 2023 Day 2

February 1, 2023

It’s Day Two of ISE 2023! On today’s trade-show edition of rAVe [TV], we show you the gist of what Hall 3 looks like. Gary Kayye also interviews Steve Rushton of MiX Consultancy Ltd and Rich Ventura from Sony. Plus, Steph Beckett gives a show floor tour of the rest of the hall!  

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rAVe [TV] Episode 95.1 — ISE 2023 Day 1

January 31, 2023

In our special episode of rAVe [TV] Gary Kayye shows you what’s going on at the AVI-SPL stand. He also shares a few of his favorite products from the day, and interviews Michael Kottke from Macom Gmbh Ltd., Laila Hede Jensen from ZetaDisplay and BK Johannessen from Epic Games. (BK also delivered the ISE 2023 […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 94 — Steph’s Review of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ ISE 2023 Prep and Special Guests Beth Peterson and Christopher Gillespie

January 26, 2023

I finally saw it, everyone. “Avatar: Way of Water.” Gary is vehemently against these movies, but I review it for everyone anyway! We spend a lot of this episode talking about our plans for ISE 2023. Did you know Gary and I are going live from the show floor each day it’s open? That’s right! […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 93 — Steph’s Review of ‘M3gan,’ Women in AV/IT Group Launches and Special Guests Brandy Alvarado-Miranda and Juan José Vila

January 19, 2023

If there is a movie taking over social media, chances are I will go see it. And last night, I went and saw “M3gan” with a few friends. My review? You’ll have to watch this episode and find out! We also discussed a new organization, Women in AV/IT, that will focus on supporting women in […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 92 — A Favorite Demo Comes to ISE 2023, Creativity in Live Events and Special Guest Richard Jonker

January 12, 2023

Gary and I are back this week with some thoughts about the Golden Globes that absolutely no one asked for! We also discuss a demo that we are looking particularly forward to seeing at ISE 2023, the importance of being creative in the live event market (hint, hint maybe something to come in this year’s […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 91 — Emergency Blu-Ray Players, Sam Taylor’s Retirement Plan and Special Guest Nathan Haynes

January 5, 2023

Happy New Year, everybody! For our first episode back, Gary and I talk about how we spent our holiday break and go over a few of the news stories from the past week. In the biggest piece of news, Sam Taylor of Exertis Almo has announced he will be retiring. Check out this episode to […]

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Holiday Wishes from rAVe [TV]

December 21, 2022

On the last episode of rAVe [TV] for 2022, our pal Mark Coxon wrote an original holiday jingle for hosts Steph Beckett and Gary Kayye. Watch the video below to see the holiday wishes, which includes a shout-out to our sponsors Legrand I AV and Shure! rAVe [TV] will be back on January 4, 2023. […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 89 — DSE Changes Dates for 2023, Exertis Almo’s Latest Acquisition and Special Guest Mark Coxon

December 14, 2022

Gary and I recap our company’s holiday party in the latest episode of rAVe [TV]. We exchange names to buy gifts every year, and this year the team knocked it out of the park! Gary even shows off his gift. This was a big week for news, despite it normally being a slow time of […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 87 — Announcing the Best of DSE 2022 Awards and Special Guest Tom LeBlanc

November 30, 2022

Gary got me in trouble last week during our Thanksgiving episode, during which he exposed the fact that I had not yet seen the newest “Top Gun” movie. So I watched it! We talked about how typical commercially successful films never get Oscar nods — I don’t expect “Barbarian” to get any nods either but […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 86 — Thanksgiving

November 29, 2022

Gary and I have a lot to be thankful for this year! In our Thanksgiving episode of rAVe [TV], we decided to do something special and invite our families to join us. So, enjoy this opportunity getting to know us a little better through my dad and sister and Gary’s daughter. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 85.2 — LIVE on Day 2 at DSE 2022 + Second Half of Show Floor Tour

November 18, 2022

Previously LIVE from #DSE2022! Steph Beckett and I host rAVe [TV] from day two of DSE 2022. Today’s guests include Stephanie Gutnik, Michael Katz, Marcos Terenzio, RGD, SEGD and Bryan Meszaros. Check out the previously live look and the second part of the floor tour with Steph from Vegas! 

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rAVe [TV] Episode 85.1 — LIVE on Day 1 at DSE 2022 + a Show Floor Tour

November 18, 2022

We came to you LIVE from DSE 2022 on the first day of the show! Steph Beckett 💜 and I hosted another episode of rAVe [TV] live from the DSE show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Today’s guests include Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, Meghan Athavale and Kym Frank. Plus, get a tour of half the […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 84 — Prepping for DSE 2022, Special Guest Brad Gleeson and Remembering Blockbuster

November 17, 2022

Gary and I squeeze in another episode of rAVe [TV] before hopping on a plane to attend DSE 2022! Don’t forget — you can scoop your last-minute free registration by visiting digitalsignageexperience.com and using the code “RAVEGIFT.” Brad Gleeson, executive producer of DSE, joined us on this episode to talk about what to expect at […]

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rAVe [TV] Episode 83 — Zoomtopia Recap, Legrand AV’s Partner Pregame and Multiple Special Guests!

November 10, 2022

Welcome back to rAVe [TV], where we talk all things #ProAV, including news, trends, trade shows and more every Wednesday at 12 p.m. EST. While I am joining from the airport after Zoomtopia, Gary and I have an exciting episode with loads of information and a few special guests! Michelle Montazeri will be joining us, […]

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