Audio Authority Introduces HDMI Distribution Amplifiers, Switchers

Audio Authority introduced a new line of HDMI Distribution Amplifiers/Splitters in its new 1390 series. They distribute an HDMI source to two, four or eight displays and support up to 1080p. They are priced from $299 to $599. The new switchers come in two- and four-position models with four different control methods. The switcher has […]

Choirs, Church Musicians Go Digital With SamePage

Corevalus Systems (Georgetown, Kentucky) brought a very cool product to NSCA. SamePage is an LCD display coupled with the SamePage software that lets choir members and musicians ditch the paper music sheets and use digital files instead. As one user pointed out, it’s rather unpleasant when the HVAC kicks in and blows sheet music all […]

EZBracket Line of Universal Speaker Brackets Fit Round, Rectangular, In-Wall and In-Ceiling

EZBracket Version 2 is the new line from EZBracket. The new line works with round and rectangular speakers, and also accommodates in-ceiling and in-wall mounting. These are billed as new construction speaker brackets. The company says these products universally adapt to fit most models from leading custom and architectural speaker manufacturers and replace the 10 […]

New Scaler and Presentation Switcher From Kramer

Kramer’s new VP-419xl Scaler is designed to be an affordable high quality desktop-sized video to computer graphics video and HD scaler. The VP-419xl accepts an NTSC video signal in composite video, s-video or component video format and will up convert that signal to one of 8 computer graphics video and HDTV output resolutions.  The unit […]

New Single-Gang Wall-Mount IR Button Panel From Calypso

Calypso has a new controller for AV gear. The CB-1000 is a single-gang, wall-mount IR panel with eight tactile, programmable buttons. It can be used as a stand-alone controller by wiring it directly to devices requiring control. Or the CB-1000’s IR output can interface with Calypso’s Pro I/O or ION controllers to increase the number […]

Peerless Offering CRT to Flat Panel Conversion Kits

At NSCA, Peerless showed the company’s new CRT-to-flat-panel conversion kits, which let installers replace legacy CRT monitors with flat-panel displays without having to remove the whole bracket system. That includes the hardware that is attached either to the wall or to the ceiling. Peerless says the new installation will offer the same location and viewing […]

Premier Cart Designed for Low Profile, Optimized Viewing

Premier Mounts introduced a digital signage cart that is low profile yet allows for as much flexibility as they could pack into this product, which Premier says is especially suited for 37-61 inch displays. The 40-inch pole height allows the user to position the display as needed. The flexibility features are 35-degree upward tilt, 10-degree […]

Updated Intelix VGA Balun Doesn’t Require Shielded CAT5

Intelix announced the VGA-SR-F, a passive VGA balun which extends video signals up to 450 feet over standard, unshielded twisted pair cable, such as CAT5 or CAT6. Also, both the send and receive balun feature grounding screws and sync reset switches. To use, you connect the VGA-SR-F send balun to your source device (typically a […]

ClearOne Announces Chat 150 for Cisco Telephones

ClearOne has a new way for you to add high-quality full-duplex speaker phones to Cisco handsets. The new Chat 150 for Cisco lets users continue to use the functionality built into the handsets, including access to company directory, voicemail, audio bridge functions, call transfer, etc., but adds conferencing quality and features. Users initiate these functions […]

New Tabletop Touch Panel, Multimedia Presentation System From Crestron

Crestron’s new Isys i/O TPMC-8T is an 8.4-inch tabletop touch panel with embedded Windows XP and 802.11a/b/g wireless or wired LAN. This is the new fixed tabletop version of the TPMC-8X WiFi touch panel. The fixed-tilt design has a 37-degree angle for use on a lectern, table or counter, and you can add the optional […]

HD 50-Inch Pro Plasma From Pioneer

Pioneer says the new PDP-5000EX is one of the few HD plasmas capable of accepting and displaying the 24Hz rate for viewing a film’s original sequence (Pioneer says the refresh rate on the panel is actually 72Hz). The panel was shown for the first time in the U.S. at NSCA. Pioneer is targeting film studios, […]

ITS Enclosures Provides Flat-Panel Safety Inside and Out

ITS Enclosures showed a number of its enclosure products at NSCA. Among their offerings are flat-panel display enclosures for indoor and outdoor use that accommodate different mounting needs. They probably have as wide a variety available as anyone in their ViewStation line. All are designed for theft and tamper prevention. The double-sided model actually comes […]

New 57-Inch Professional LCD From Planar

Planar Systems is shipping a 57-inch professional grade 57-inch LCD panel, the m57L. The m57L is specified at 1920 x 1080 resolution, and Planar says it is built with features such as resistance to image quality degradation, higher brightness and broad source compatibility. The m57L has Serial Digital Input (SDI) that is capable of accepting […]

Recent LCD Sales Double That of Plasmas

For the first time, LCD sales outsold plasmas by double, according to a report by Pacific Media Associates. Apparently, LCDs represented 57 percent of sales in the category of 30 inches or larger. Mark my words: this trend will continue as LCD prices continue to plummet.  

Sharp Brings New 46-Inch Digital Signage LCD to NSCA, Shows Portrait 65-Inch

Sharp introduced a 46-inch professional LCD display at NSCA. The PN-465U can be used in portrait or landscape mode. They also introduced the PN465UP, which adds a protective acrylic overlay to the same display. The PN-465U monitor has a two-megapixel 1920 x 1080 HD resolution with more than six million pixels. Other specs include a […]

Sony OLED to Ship by Year End: Reuters

While no official announcement was yet made in the U.S., Reuters is reporting that Sony announced in Tokyo that the company will be selling the ultra-thin OLED displays by the end of this year. According to Reuters, the OLED display was the most popular attraction at a recent event. “At a display forum in Tokyo, […]

Barco Introduces 10,000-Lumen DLP Projector in Compact Design

The new CLM R10+ from Barco is designed to be a bit easier to handle than most projectors with such high brightness. This is specified at 10,000 ANSI lumens, native SXGA+ 1400 x 1050 resolution and 1200:1 contrast ratio. It weighs about 66 pounds and is only 27.24 x 17.40 x 11.54 inches. Barco says […]

Canon Announces Short-Throw, 1.6x Zoom LCD Projectors

Canon announced three new LCD projectors, the LV-7265, LV-7260, and LV-X7, all specified at XGA resolution, 1.6x wide angle zoom and short throw distances. The top-of-line LV-Series LV-7265 is specified at 2500 ANSI lumens while the LV-7260 has 2000 and the LV-X7, 1500. The LV-7265 and LV-7260 have contrast ratio of 600:1 and the LV-X7, […]

Laser-Guided Projection by Graffiti RL

rAVe Europe reports that counter culture activists Graffiti Research Lab supplies a handheld laser-pointer to tag a building, and a camera that discerns the contrast of the laser on the building and then outputs the actual “tag” or message through a DLP video projector. The DLP projector does the grunt work of projection, not the […]

NEC Shows Mini-Projector, Pen Networking at CeBIT

rAVe Europe reports that, although it’s not yet on the market, NEC’s new NP1 mini-projector with LCD technology offered a glimpse of the future at CeBIT. At only 8.5 cm wide, 15 cm long and 3.5 cm thin (that’s roughly 3.3” x 6” x 1.3”), this gadget fits inside any shirt pocket or handbag and […]

New 17,000-Lumen DLP Cinema Projector From Christie 50 Percent Smaller

Christie introduced at SHOWEST in Las Vegas a new 3–chip DLP digital cinema projector to its 2K resolution line. The CP2000-ZX DLP Cinema projector, especially designed for small to medium sized theaters or post production, is specified at 17,000 lumens (customizable from 9,000 up), 35.2 trillion colors, 2048 x 1080 resolution, and 2000:1 contrast ratio. […]

Sharp Introduces 3500-Lumen 3LCD Projector at NSCA

Sharp has a new 3LCD projector, the XG-C335X, specified at 3500 lumens, XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, and priced darned affordably at $3,995. In addition to the included standard zoom lens, the new projector offers four optional lenses (short throw, telephoto zoom 1.29x, telephoto zoom 1.52x and telephoto zoom 1.41x), all of which use the […]

SIM2 Launches Pro Cinema Line

SIM2, better known in the HomeAV space, launched a commercial line of projectors. The Pro Cinema line is part of a whole new division at the company, a division that will target the professional cinema market, including E-Cinema, pre-show advertising, and post-production applications. SIM2’s Pro Cinema line will initially consist of three projectors to be […]

Two New SXGA+ Projectors From projectiondesign

The F30 sx+ and F20 sx+ are two new DLP-based projectors from projectiondesign (they are basically upgrades of the F3 and F2). The F30 sx+ is billed as top-of-the-line and is specified at SXGA+ 1400 x 1050 resolution, up to 6500 lumens and 7500:1 contrast ratio. The company singles out specialized applications such as simulators, […]

User-Changeable Color Wheels, Changeable Bayonet Lenses Make for Unusually Versatile NEC Install Pro

NEC brought a new projector to both CeBIT and NSCA tradeshows this month. The NP4000 has more versatility than most for the price point. This 5000-lumen DLP lets installers choose between a user-changeable four or six segment color wheel, so you can select which is best if your customer is displaying presentations versus video. It […]

New Chairman for AMX

AMX announced that Robert Fealy has been named non-executive chairman of its board of directors. Fealy replaces Craig Duchossois, who remains a member of the AMX Board. This move follows the company’s three acquisitions last year. In addition to his new role with AMX, Fealy is executive vice president of Duchossois Industries, Inc. and managing […]

Texas Pacific Group Acquires Control of JVC Brand

Although Matsushita has yet to confirm it, private equity firm Texas Pacific Group may have won a bid to acquire controlling interest in the JVC brand from Matsushita. JVC, founded in 1927 and developer of the first-ever VCR technology in the 1970s, will have a sale price of about $680 million. According to Reuters, “Although […]

Track This

As we know, theft is one of, if not THE, biggest expense for many businesses. But there is a technology that is gaining popularity that could prove more effective than any other method. Right now, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is being used by such retail giants as Wal-Mart and Dutch bookseller Selexyz for inventory management. But […]

Conferencing Consolidation: Cisco Buys WebEx

By Bob Snyder If you had attended the annual CeBIT SUMMIT, you might have predicted this: Cisco will acquire WebEx, provider of Web conferencing services to SMEs, for $3.2 billion. That confirms that the biggest buzz in conferencing is exactly what Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard, in his speech at the CeBIT Summit, called “the consumerization of […]

GuiFX Adds Sound Effects, Graphics “Libraries”

GuiFX has two new tools to help designers create rich user interfaces for remote controls, touch panel control systems, kiosks, computer applications, mobile devices, and web sites. The new tools are the Sound Effects library and the Graphics library. The sets are priced as low as $29 and can be downloaded from the company’s website. […]

Kramer Announces RC-8IR 8×15 Universal Media/Room Controller

Kramer Electronics announced the RC-8IR Universal Media/Room Controller, the first model in a new Kramer RC series of media/room controllers for training rooms, classrooms, boardrooms and presentation environments.  An all-in-one remote control panel for A/V and A/V related equipment in presentation environments, it has Ethernet-based programming and communications. The RC-8IR is an 8×15 Universal Media/Room […]

Middle Atlantic Brings Temperature Control Solutions to NSCA

Middle Atlantic has several new cooling gadgets for keeping components from overheating. The COMP-COOL Component Cooler removes heat right at the source, says the company. This is optimized for components on open shelving, and this quiet cooler turns on automatically when satellite/cable boxes, receivers and other heat-generating components get too hot. You place the component […]