Howard Hughes AVator Award for Courage at InfoComm13


InfoComm 13 is over, and after 3 days on the floor there, I started asking myself if I found what I was looking for.   I made a comment that I was looking for three Howard Hughes-esque traits in manufacturers or their employees.  Those traits were Courage, Passion, and Innovation. I only received a couple nominations […]

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Guess Who’s Your Next Competitor for Power Management?


In 2012, the third most profitable category of AV was power management. Trailing right behind signal management and control systems, power management is a cash cow for an AV integrator. It’s a no-brainer install — house fires are everyone’s biggest fear when they buy a new home. And, one of the leading causes of house […]

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Documentation! …And I Don’t Mean System Documentation


We’ve all read about how important it is for us as integrators to provide good thorough documentation packages for clients on our integration projects. After all, we’re creating something custom and unique for them, and they need to know how it works. I’ve seen various document packages from several integrators, and they’re getting better and […]

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Philips 4K Glasses-Free 3D Introduced at InfoComm


At InfoComm, Philips Signage Solutions demonstrated its 4K autostereoscopic (glasses free) 3D display, an industry first, which is now an actual SKU that you can buy from the company (for $14,999). The BDL5071VS is a 50-inch, LED-backlit display designed for 24/7 operation, which Philips is primarily targeting to retail digital signage applications. It can operate […]

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Philips Takes Digital Signage Players Out of the Equation with IP-Addressable Displays


Philips showed at InfoComm a new IP-addressable LED displays for digital signage, called the QL series. The idea behind these displays is basically to remove the signage player from the equation, taking the model of consumer content distribution technology (such as Apple TV, Google TV, etc.) and applying it to “IP signage.” These displays were […]

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PrimeView Intros 84″ 4K Display with HDBaseT


Primeview this week is unveiling its new 84” 4K HDBaseT-enabled display, a solution to the 4K distance problem that plagues commercial projects. HDBaseT can deliver 4K video up to 100 meters over a single Ethernet cable, making the installation process much simpler and more cost effective compared to all other cabling options for professional installers […]

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Sennheiser Anakonda, a Bendable K-Array Speaker, Introduced at InfoComm 2013


Sennheiser has announced the availability of the latest K-array product: Anakonda is a bendable speaker meant for indoor our outdoor applications such as theme parks, museums and broadcast studios. Since each speaker element is bendable, the Anakonda can be wrapped around poles, columns or mounted to curved or otherwise uneven surfaces. Speakers are available in […]

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New Philips Medical Displays, Digital Signage Displays and ProAV Displays Here at InfoComm


Philips MMD will unveil two new Philips DICOM compliant clinical review displays at InfoComm 2013 — 24″ and 27″ LCD includes anti-microbial housing to inhibit bacterial growth, a medical grade power supply to ensure safety and low emission and D-image preset for consistent DICOM grayscale medical images. Along with these displays, MMD told rAVe it […]

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Panasonic to Debut New LED-Lit LCD Digital Signage Series of Displays at InfoComm


Panasonic will launch a a new line of high definition LED LCDs for hospitality and digital signage, the LRU60 Series. Available in 32”, 39”, 42”, 50” and 65”, Panasonic’s new LED line will be aimed at the hospitality, digital signage and meeting room markets. Panasonic designed the Energy Star-rated LRU60 Series with functions that reduce […]

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Continuing the Conversation


By Allen Weidman Sustainability Officer, InfoComm International As InfoComm International’s sustainability officer, I read the column A Different Type of Green Show Checklist by Midori Connolly with great interest. Since InfoComm 2013 is right around the corner, I believe the column provides a great opportunity to engage in an open conversation about InfoComm’s role in […]

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Digital Signage Content Background: The First Thing to Catch the Eye


When creating visual messages, we often concentrate our efforts on the text and select the background as an afterthought. Of course, the design should always be secondary to the content, but keep in mind that people often notice graphics before text. This is especially important in digital signage, where the viewers are some distance away […]

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Audinate Goes Mainstream in Partnership with BOSE – So Much for Better Sound Through Marketing


Everyone in ProAV generally makes fun of BOSE Corporation. For years, it’s sold products to consumers without any technical specs, performance details and without any information about how a product it makes is differentiated from another product of a different brand (e.g., Sony, Mitsubishi or Panasonic). But, there’s one thing we universally love with the […]

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