rAVe March Temperature Check — Results: Outdoor AV

Featured Image March ResultsOutdoor AV is a booming market right now with so many possibilities for installations. Because of its growing popularity, we asked you about your thoughts and opinions on outdoor AV in our temperature check survey for the month of March. We wanted to know where you think the market is going and how you think companies are incorporating outdoor AV.

5A264919 9845 4B32 AB1E 5B68485A5499First up, we asked about market growth. The COVID-19 pandemic drove many businesses, houses of worship and restaurants outside to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This shift led to a huge increase in outdoor AV. But will this growth continue? Our results show that most people are split between seeing market growth and stagnancy.

Outdoor AV manufacturers said they believe the market is strong and will continue to grow. “Clients can deliver an enhanced customer experience by utilizing high-quality outdoor AV systems, resulting in new end customers and increased revenue,” said Scott Normand, senior director of commercial market at Snap One.

3995308B 8747 4FDD 8435 ECF4D52A58BENext, we wanted to know what you think the biggest market is for outdoor AV. From sport and concert venues to food establishments to outdoor advertising, there are so many outlets for outdoor AV installations. We got mixed results, but bars and restaurants were the most popular answer, followed by rental and staging/live events and stadiums and arenas. Despite the varied opinions, one thing is clear: outdoor AV can fit in anywhere and everywhere.

Gina Sansivero, vice president of marketing and corporate communications at AtlasIED said the market is as strong as ever and agreed that bars and restaurants make up a huge percentage of the outdoor AV market. “We are seeing hospitality, specifically bars, restaurants, and other facilities with outdoor venues embrace technology to ensure a memorable, 5-star Yelp review worthy experience,” she said.

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5709947A 3416 4D5F B720 979CE912F92BLastly, we asked whether you think your company or clients are using outdoor AV to their best advantage. It can add a layer of engagement to any space which can be really valuable. The majority of respondents said their company/clients are smart about how they use outdoor AV but have room for improvement. Outdoor AV as a vertical is always changing and growing, so companies have to adapt to those changes if they want to remain competitive in that market.

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