rAVe Jan Temperature Check: #AVtweeps 2023 Predictions

January 2023 Temp Check ResultsThis month, we began a temperature check where we put out a survey on the newest AV tech topics to gauge your thoughts and opinions. In January, we took a look at the expected 2023 trends and the results are in!

First up: the IPMX standard for AVoIP which sets open specifications for the transport of video, audio and data over IP networks. This standard is expected to be ratified in March of 2023 and we asked if you hope all manufacturers will adopt it or if you prefer to keep the ecosystems separate.

“Based on our survey, the overwhelming majority of #AVtweeps want a standard for AV-over-IP. So, this will give a boost to IRMP as it’s, currently, the only proposed standard in our market,” said Gary Kayye, co-founder and director of THE rAVe Agency.

The industry is seeing more all-in-one products from manufacturers so we also asked if you would be more likely to use all-in-one products or individually select your favorite products for your systems. While the majority said it depends on the situation, more people said they would prefer to mix and match than use the all-in-one product.

All-in-one products can make installation and maintenance easier, but, oftentimes, you don’t get the customized experience of choosing specific products for a system. Some all-in-one products can save time and money, which integrators and customers alike can appreciate. However, for those that want more specific solutions, choosing individual products is generally preferred.

On social media we asked if 2023 will be the year when dvLED becomes the standard display platform and most people said no. “Like the #AVTweeps on social media, I agree dvLED will not become the standard display platform,” said Larry Drum, CTS, national sales manager, dvLED at CrimsonAV. “I believe that because dvLED is not an LCD replacement, it will only become the display standard for displays over 100″ diagonal.”

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Lastly, we asked when people expected the supply chain issues to level out. Manufacturers and integrators alike have struggled with clogged supply chains and let’s just say we hope the answer is sooner rather than later.

“This global supply chain has always been at risk and we had this perfect storm with COVID, we had transportation issues, all of these disruptions that really materialized to all of us in so many ways,” said Brad Hintze, executive vice president, marketing at Crestron Electronics, during a panel on the supply chain during rAVe’s LAVNCH WEEK 6.

With product shortages, companies have had to adjust their manufacturing strategy, sales approach and client relationships.

According to our poll, most people think supply chains will be back to normal by Q3-4 of 2023 or sometime in 2024. There were a few hopefuls that expect issues to be solved by Q1-2 of 2023, and a few respondents that don’t expect the situation to get better until 2025 or beyond.

“For us, as a manufacturer and delivering to integrators, we are starting to see recovery. It’s going to be slow, it’s going to take time,” said Hintze.

On social media we asked if you expect 2023 to be better than 2022 in the ProAV industry, and the good news is most people said yes. It might just be new year enthusiasm, but we are hoping for the best from 2023!

Editor’s Note: A special thanks to those who participated in our inaugural Temperature Check. We’ll be sending surveys out monthly and sharing the results with you. Our February survey will focus on UCC platforms – be sure to keep your eyes peeled because your opinions matter to us!