rAVe Founder Gary Kayye to Speak in NYC October 17

nyc nec 1012

nyc-nec-1012rAVe founder Gary Kayye will present a new keynote at the NEC Showcase roadshow in New York City on Oct. 17 called Creating Creative Presentation Environments. It focuses on creating immersive environments — ones that use projectors to completely “immerse” clients in the meeting, the classroom, the museum, the restaurant, the retail store, or the anything integrators can think of…

Gary’s presentation has already taken San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta by storm with reviews calling it “his best-ever presentation” and saying, “Gary’s simple ideas for making classrooms better are creative, but I can still apply them immediately.”

Gary’s been traveling with the NEC Showcase roadshow and presenting this one-hour session to all sorts of AV insiders. It’s for AV salespeople, designers, rental companies and even appeals to end-users. It starts at 3 pm on Wed., Oct. 17 at the Affinia Manhattan Hotel on Seventh Street. Register for free here.