rAVe February Temperature Check — Results: UCC Platforms and Features

Feb Results

The results are in for February’s Temperature Check surveys and this month we focused on UCC platforms. UCC has become such an integral part of our everyday lives and we wanted to hear from you about your favorite platforms and features.

UCC enables communication and collaboration between team members no matter where they are located and often results in a more responsive and productive team environment with real-time messaging and videoconferencing options.

First up, we asked about your top three UCC platforms based on UI/UX experience. Evaluating both the functionality and the visual appeal of the interface for these platforms is important and both contribute to the user’s participation.

New UCC platforms and technology continue to emerge, but which ones do you find easiest to navigate and use? Interaction with the platform itself is just as important as the communication with your team on the platform. According to our polls, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet seem to be the clear winners. Webex also deserves an honorable mention as it was voted close behind Google Meet.

Next, we wanted to know what your favorite UCC features are across all platforms. The results show that meeting recording functionality, filters/virtual backgrounds and multi-party screen sharing are the most popular features. Whether they are used in meetings, trainings or interviews, these tools contribute to productivity and accessibility.

UCC’s core functionalities like videoconferencing, instant messaging or phone calls are as important as ever but as the market is maturing, new features continue to populate these platforms. Although some so-called premium features come with an additional price tag, their functionality can oftentimes make up for the added cost.

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Lastly, we were curious if your company allows you to use multiple UCC platforms. While a lot of people said their company uses a single UCC platform for meetings but allows them to use other platforms for external meetings, the majority of people said they use multiple platforms across the board. Very few people said their company only allows them to use a single UCC platform without exceptions. Although the abundance of different platforms can be intimidating and confusing, they have different perks and it can be nice to use multiple for more streamlined communication in your company.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to those who participated in February’s Temperature Check poll. Next month we will be asking about outdoor AV so look out for that poll because we want to hear from you!