rAVe Does Video (and Tweets!) at InfoComm09

With the introduction of our all-new rAVe NOW service at InfoComm last week, rAVe Publications took a major leadership position in digital publishing.  In an effort to continue to make our coverage of the AV market better and even more valuable to our readers, we launched rAVe NOW as a virtually real-time way to report the news to you – filled with out observations of what’s out there.

rAVe NOW is a trifecta of services:

•    rAVe Video:  In rAVe VIDEO, we posted more than 160 videos made live on the InfoComm show floor all introducing new products or technologies on our website.

•    rAVe Twitter:  In rAVe Twitter, we Tweeted over 200 times about new gear on the show floor:
•    rAVe Blog:  You’ve been asking to have our founder, Gary Kayye, blog more often about the market, and now you’ll get more of him than you’ll probably want.  In fact, his latest blog is about the seedy side of a trade industry magazine – one right here in the ProAV market.

So, experience InfoComm09 as if you were actually there through rAVe NOW!