READ THIS FIRST: How to Use the rAVe CEDIA Expo 2022 Microsite

CEDIA Expo 2021 show floor

The rAVe team is ready for CEDIA Expo 2022 — and we hope you are! This short piece is to help you understand the best way to navigate all our coverage straight from the show floor. If this is your first time checking out the CEDIA Expo 2022 microsite, no worries! Just check out the below:

First off, we have a media sponsor contract with CEDIA Expo that allows us to do this site. We are an official media partner of CEDIA Expo.

Also, the home page is a preview/collection of the different types of coverage we have, all in one place. Think of it as your “home” page. You’ll see our product and sponsor videos, CEDIA Expo and exhibitor news and our podcasts and videocasts. To migrate through the site, use the clickable links on the blue bar.

To the right of “CEDIA Expo Home,” you’ll see a “News & Blogs” link with a drop-down menu. If you hover over the “News & Blogs” selection, you’ll see a new page that aggregates all our news stories and blogs that pertain to CEDIA Expo 2022. Check this page out for news, commentary, columns and blogs — which are all clickable and will take you directly to the story. If you hover back over the “News & Blogs” page, you can also select the “Press Releases” tab. This page is just that — another aggregation of CEDIA Expo 2022-related stories, but just press releases. These include announcements about CEDIA Expo attendees and the products they brought to the show.

Following along on our blue bar, to the right of “News & Blogs” is another tab: “rAVe [RADIO].” You guessed it — a tab specifically for Rants & rAVes episodes that detail, discuss or mention CEDIA Expo 2022. Find a few episodes there with some interviews and insights into the show. Click on each individual story link to find the episodes and a brief description of them.

Our last tab in the blue menu bar is a “Videos” tab. Here, you can click on this tab to view an aggregated list of all CEDIA Expo 2022-related videos or use the drop-down menu to see various categories of product types. This tab is pretty big — but useful! Choose any of the product types to find booth and show floor videos that focus on or fit in that category. From audio and interviews to security and sponsor videos, the content has been broken down, so it’s easier to view for you.

We hope you find the microsite helpful, productive and easy to navigate. If you have any questions or need help finding something, feel free to email us at — we’re happy to help!