rAVe Announces rAVe Surveys: To Give Away Two HDTVs Per Month

rave surveys 0210

No one likes taking Surveys – we know that.  Butrave-surveys-0210, they’re needed for research, trending and product development to design and engineer the right products and services for you!

So, to encourage you to participate, we’re giving away two 42” HDTVs each month – one to one of the first 10 survey takers each month, and the other one we give away to a random survey taker!  Interested in helping us now?  Well, last month Christie Digital and rAVe announced rAVe Surveys – a monthly survey service from rAVe Publications.  Wanna win?  Well, go FOLLOW us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ravepubs or on our FACEBOOK page at http://www.facebook.com/rAVePubs and you’ll find out about the surveys before anyone else – we announce each survey and give you the link to take it on Twitter and Facebook about five minutes before we send an eBlast to our readers.  So, go sign up today!