rAVe is proud to announce rAVe NOW!

Hey, we realize that budgets are tight – tighter than ever, in fact – and that this may be the year you don’t go to InfoComm:  BUMMER!  But, if you can’t make it to the “Ultimate AV show” this year, then we’ve come up with something just as good as being there!  It’s called rAVe NOW and you’ve gotta come check it out (at  We don’t “officially” launch it until 4 pm on Tuesday (yes, this Tuesday), but we do have a little content there now to show you how it works!

What’s rAVe NOW?  Well, it’s three virtually real-time products in one:

With rAVe Video we’ll be giving you more detail than EVER on a product.  In fact, we promise if you’ll come take a look at rAVe Video at exactly 4pm on Tuesday, you’ll see one of the coolest product introductions at InfoComm 2009 – if not THE coolest!  We’ve been given pre-show access to something that will be THE TALK OF THE SHOW.  But, we won’t stop there, we’ll be posting new product videos all show long – all day long.  Many, many, many product videos.  So, it’ll literally be like YOU ARE walking the aisles of InfoComm 09 yourself getting new product pitches directly from the manufacturers themselves.  This will be WAY BETTER than just reading about them months later in magazines…

We‘ve been using Twitter for a year and a half now – way longer than everyone else. In fact, our Twitter Followers now outnumber what the the top 3 ProAV magazines have combined! We’ll be Tweeting from the InfoComm 09 show floor – there are five of us, so you’ll get all the new product news you can imagine you’d need for one show – and you can see them LIVE at rAVe NOW, on rAVePubs @ Twitter ( or through any Twitter App you may have on your phone – seriously INSTANT news – that’s rAVe NOW…

Our founder, Gary Kayye, is starting a Blog, finally. Over the past four years, we’ve received hundreds of requests for Gary to speak out more often in the form of a blog. Well now you’ll get more of him than we think you’ll actually want. But, you asked for it!rAVe Blog is part of rAVe NOW!