Rants and rAVes — Episode 857: T1V Demos ThinkHub Connect and the Awesomeness of Its MultiSite Collaboration Feature

I love doing video demos (or what we call videocasts (podcasts) as it helps me visualize the market for something. And collaboration-baed products are my favorites right now. Well, yesterday, I did a video demo with T1V’s EVP Sales + Marketing, Adam Loritsch, and CTO Jim Morris in real-time. So, what you’re about to watch is the entire T1V ThunkHub Connect demo in a mock-classroom from their Charlotte, NC, headquarters. T1V also shows how their MultiSite BYOD collaboration feature works. I hope you will watch this as the T1V’s ability to build a digital canvas in the front of a room and then share it anywhere with anyone is very cool. And, their in-room ViewHub feature is perfect for classroom collaboration within a room — for example, when you break-up a class into small groups to work on projects in the same room. They’ll be in booth 3971 at InfoComm 2019 and after watching this, I am sure you’ll want to go by and see it live.