Rants and rAVes — Episode 438: RTI’s Brett Stokke Sees RTI as Perfectly Position in the Middle

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Gary Kayye's Rants and rAVesThe control system market has changed a ton over the past 10-years. A segment of the market that was once dominated by just two big players – Crestron and AMX – is now over-crowded. And, new players Apple, Google, Amazon and others are flooding the entry-level of the market and solidly stealing the DIY’ers. And, when I stopped by RTI’s booth and spoke to their Director of Communications, Brett Stokke, he explained why he saw their position in the market – right in between the Crestron’s and the Apple’s of the world in the space that integrators love configurable control systems and don’t want highly programmable systems but the consumers who want an upgrade to having multiple control apps to make stuff in their home work. Listen to Gary’s podcast LIVE from the show floor with Brett.