Rants & rAVes — Episode 1320: Here’s Why You Should Register for These Two Live Video Streaming Sessions at InfoComm 2024

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Gary was joined by Let’s Do Video founder, David Maldow, to talk about his educational sessions at InfoComm 2024. If you ever do livestreaming for clients, both of these sessions are must-attends. The first, “Live Streaming in Action,” will cover all the steps it takes to go live, from hardware setup to software configuration to stream launch. The second is a panel discussion dubbed, “Enhancing Accessibility and Engagement through Automatic Speech Recognition and Captioning,” and it’s all about how ASR is used for adding captions to videos and its transformative impact on the online streaming experience. Watch this video and I’ll bet you’ll want to attend — David can do magic with video! And, of course, you can register for either or both of these sessions by visiting