Rants & rAVes — Episode 1272: Videri Is the Simplest Signage Company — Watch and You’ll Agree

rants&rAVes template 1272

Videri might be the AV market’s only true end-to-end signage company, as it makes every part of the digital signage ecosystem — from creation software to displays — and it’s all on the cloud. Don’t believe me? Watch this as Videri’s platform includes the signage displays (wireless, too), the CMS (including a content creation platform), device management and more. Once again, the entire thing is connected, managed and driven from the cloud. My latest Rants & rAVes episode includes Videri’s new CRO, Stephen Jenkins (who joined the company after spending 11 years at Diversified selling signage), and its head of channel, Jackie Cooper, to talk through the platform and show how well the system performs in real time.